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Thread Acronyms

A.O.H. – American Open Hole
ANPT –Aeronautical National Pipe Taper
API – American Petroleum Institute
BC – Casing (Buttress)
BCT – Buttress Casing Thread
CL – Casing (Long Thread)
E.U. – External Upset
E.U.E. – External Upset Ends
EU – Tubing (External Upset)
F.H. – Full Hole
I.E.U. – Internal External Upset
I.F. – Internal Flush
I.U. – Internal Upset
LH – Left Hand
LP – Line Pipe
LTC- Long Thread Casing
N.C. – Number Connections
NGR – National Gage Rental
N.U.E. – Non Upset Ends
NPSC – National Pipe Straight Coupling
NPSF – National Pipe Straight Fuel
NPSH – National Pipe Straight Hose Coupling
NPSL – National Pipe Straight Locknut
NPSM – National Pipe Straight Mechanical
NPT – National Pipe Taper
NPTF – National Pipe Taper Fuel
NPTR – National Pipe Taper Railing Fitting
NU – Tubing (Non-Upset)
RD – Round
REG- Regular
STC – Casing (Short Thread)
STI – Steel Thread Insert
TPF – Tapper per foot
TPI – Threads per inch
TR – Trapezoidal Thread
UN – Unified National
UNC – Unified National Course
UNEF – Unified National Extra Fine
UNF – Unified National Fine
UNR – Unified National Round
UNS – Unified National Special
XC – Casing (Extreme Line)

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